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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At heart, we are makers - obsessed with creating products, services and objects that inspire.

We also believe that at the core, all of mankind is driven by core longings, sometimes manifest by need, but unfulfilled to a large extent and a deeper level.


Ethereal covenant is a likeminded team of award-winning designers and technologists that

have assembled to ensure the dream comes true.

Apart from the core team, ethereal also has a rich diversity of talent across the world and has around 6 artists/technologists in residence at any point across various inhouse collaborations. 

Our Story

Having been a part of the IT revolution and after having worked across multiple organizations and various capacities, as a collective we are tired of the banal meaninglessness that pervades communication, service, and product at every level.


We strive to meet our users at the point of their longing and not at their point of need.

The Longing to be Celebrated 

The Longing to be Fascinated 

The Longing to be Beautiful  

The Longing for Greatness 

The Longing to be Wholehearted 

The Longing for Intimacy Without Shame 

The Longing for Deep and Lasting Impact - Relevance & Significance  

Our Clients

In general, we do not disclose our clients or the kind of work that we do for them, though we could walk you through cred stories on demand.

We have worked with clients in the F100 to SMB to bringing startup ideas to life, across various models.

We believe in our work, Ethereal Covenant also invests in or acquires a small stake in organizations we work with, under certain circumstances.

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